Wine, Dine, & 69 is a podcast about dating, relationships, sex, and self love. Rachel Dalton talks with sex and relationship experts, as well as normal, everyday people of all kinds to learn, laugh, share stories, and explore.
Episode 45: Confidence & Sex w/ Dr. Stacy
Episode 44: Infertility and Childbirth Trauma with Kelly
Ep 43:Asian Sexuality & Vaginismus w/ Martha
Episode 42: "Dating, What the F*ck?" with Lori
Episode 41: Grief & Relationships with Angel
Episode 40: "The Conquest of Bliss" with Kara
BONUS: Sensual Alchemy with Yuval
Episode 39: Protect the Throne with Helen
Episode 38: Pillow Talking with Violeta
BONUS: Emotional Empowerment with Dana
Episode 37: Attracting Soulmates with Jeanne
Episode 36: Transitioning & Love with Beck
BONUS: Confidence & Communication with Toni
Episode 35: Erotic Hypnosis with Jonam
Episode 34: "Oh, Those Toes!"
BONUS: Are You Happy? With Atdhe
Episode 33: Mastering Stories With Alex
Episode 32: Gender Expression with Jo
BONUS: Aging, Sex, and Relationships
Episode 31: PleazeMe with Heather
Episode 30: Sexual Dysfunction-Ansley Brooke
Episode 29: Soul Healing with Fatima Oliver
BONUS Episode: PMDD, Endometriosis, Pelvic Floor Tension, and Menstrual Cycles with Allison
Episode 28: Leaving an Abusive Relationship with B
Episode 27: Lily from Love With Intelligence
Episode 26: Owning Sexuality with Scarlett
Episode 25: Chloe from "Stripper Stories"
Episode 24: Infidelity with Manette
Episode 23: Keyla TeAnn Boudoir Photography
Episode 22: Cohabitating, Long Term Relationships, and Timelines
Episiode 21: Sexual Incompatibility
Episode 20: WD&69’s Holiday Episode
Episode 19: Solo Mini Episode with Rachel
Episode 18: Fighting STI Stigmas
Episode 17: Dealing With Trauma and Mental Health Issues in a Relationship
Episode 16: Erotic Sensation Play
Episode 15: Holidays - Family, Relationships, Politics & Pandemic
Episode 14: How to Keep Long Term Relationships Sexy and Alive
Episode 13: Check In - How’s Everybody Doing?
Episode 12: How to Get Over the End of a Relationship
Episode 11: Food and Sex
Episode 10: The One Where We Talk With Our (First!) Guest About Trauma
Episode 9: Stress and Sex
Episode 8: How Have Your Relationships Changed During the Pandemic?
Episode 7: Communicating With a Partner About Kinks and Desires
Episode 6: Love Languages in the Bedroom
Episode 5: An Overview of the 5 Love Languages
Episode 4: Exploring Attachment Styles
Episode 3: Communication in Relationships
Episode 2: Masturbation and Self Love
Episode 1: Breaking Taboos
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