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Ben and Mel play "Fog of Love" and answer your relationship questions
Episode 55: It's His Ears LIVE

Apr 18, 2019

It's a special LIVE episode of Star Crossed, the roleplaying game of forbidden love. We play none other than Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, and not well folks, not well at all. Special thanks to the Everything is Awesome Podcast, the All Ports Open Network, Saturday Night Strategists, and Incarnation Holy Sacrament Episcopal Church in Drexel Hill, PA for hosting this live episode. Theme music by Joe Marston.

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Episode 54: An Italian Funeral

Apr 11, 2019

We say goodbye to Liam and Hannah as their lovestory comes to a close. Our first foray into the Paranormal Romance expansion of Fog of Love comes to a close as well. Ben and Mel answer some listener mail and talk about their own relationship. Theme song by Joe Marston.
Music from
"Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (

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Episode 53: Do What You Gonna Do

Apr 04, 2019

There's a ghost in the machine! Specifically in this case, ghosts got into Mel's mic and so at the beginning and end of the episode she sounds ghastly and ghostly. BUT, will there be ghosts in our new characters Hannah and Liam? Find out in our newest storyarc, and in the second game of the Paranormal Romance expansion of Fog of Love. Theme song by Joe Marston.
Music from
"Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (

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Episode 52: Finally Ghosts

Mar 28, 2019

Finally!! We finally finish Paranormal Romance and Ben and Mel discover what you all have been keeping from this whole time, and SHAME on you! We bring Oliver and Howard to a hasty end...or is it just the beginning? We also announce the winners of our coaster, pin, and sticker contests. Theme music by Joe Marston, and creepy music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Episode 51: An Italian Hospital

Mar 21, 2019

Howard and Oliver end up on a romantic trip to Italy that doesn't go as planned. Their eerie romance leads to a big decision. This is the penultimate episode of their story, so stick around next week to hear the conclusion. Ben and Mel open the "melbox" and pull out some advice mail. Music by Kevin MacLeod and Joe Marston.

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Episode 50: It's in the Can

Mar 14, 2019

50 episodes in the can! It's our one year anniversary of the pod, and our fiftieth episode. We take some time to thank you for listening, and some of the folks who supported us along the way. We look back, and look ahead to the future of #lovecast. We also hear part two of our paranormal romance storyline. Things are about to get weird.....we have a feeling.

Music by Joe Marston and Kevin MacLeod.

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Episode 49: All of Her Nickels

Mar 07, 2019

In this episode we unbox the Fog of Love expansion Paranormal Romance for the first time, describe our experience, create new characters, and kick off this spooky story arc. This part one walks us through that character creation and ends right at the beginning of chapter one, so you'll have to come back next week to hear what happens to Oliver and Howard.

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Episode 48: Unconditional Love

Feb 28, 2019

We conclude our game of Fog of Love Nightmare Mode. What is nightmare mode you ask? We play Fog of Love as OURSELVES and drink beer and see what happens. Spoilers: we're still married. (Did we mention the beer?)

We were also guests on the Character Evolution Cast podcast on the One Shot Network talking about romance, love, sex, and relationships in RPGs. Check it out!

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Episode 47: Too Much Singing

Feb 21, 2019

It's episode fourty seven, wherein we sing too much, drink too much beer, and continue our Valentine's Day Nightmare Mode special game of Fog of Love. Check us out on Episode 150 of the Everything is Awesome podcast wherein Ben plays Star Crossed with Kevin. And this is the end of the description wherein we use the word wherein too many times. Enjoy!
Episode 46: Valentine's Nightmare

Feb 14, 2019

It's our 2019 Valentine's Day Special and we play Fog of Love in nightmare mode! That's right, it's Ben and Mel playing Ben and Mel but as high school sweethearts. Will their relationship end in tragedy or have the same love they find in real life? In this V-day special we drink great beer, give you some ghost news, and answer your advice questions. Email us your questions at Theme song by Joe Marston. Also featuring "Love Conquers" by Scott Buckley.
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