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Ben and Mel play "Fog of Love" and answer your relationship questions
Episode 82: I Still Like My Charity
Feb 19, 2020

Shawn takes over the podcast for this special episode. Ben and Mel go deeper into the story of Austin and Riley. We finally learn who is making all these Charity, Maine commercials. Huge thanks to Shawn for all his amazing hard work on the podcast, and we thank you all for listening!

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Theme song by Joe Marston

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Episode 81: Strawberry Weirdness
Feb 12, 2020

Happy Valentimes Day! We begin with some outtakes from the latest Charity 2020 commercial. We introduce a new couple, Austin and Riley, and a new game of Star Crossed RPG! We learn a little more about the brand new Bob's Discount Furniture in Charity, Maine. Music includes track "Coffee Shop Date" by Martin Carlberg and "The Library" by Bonn Fields. Theme song by Joe Marston.

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Episode 80: Charity 2020
Feb 05, 2020

Come to Charity, Maine and you'll be seeing....2020! It's the year 2020 in Charity, Maine and Ben and Mel play a first-time game of The Sky is Gray and You are Distressed, a two player roleplaying game by Josh T. Jordan. We had some technical difficulties for this episode so if you want to listen to just the gameplay, jump to about 16 minutes. Theme song by Joe Marston. Additional music: the Grey Day by Heath Cantu and Synesthesia by Clarence Reed.

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Episode 79: PAX 2019 featuring Jacob Jaskov of Fog of Love
Jan 29, 2020

Ben and Mel interview Jacob Jaskov, creator of Fog of Love, at PAX Unplugged 2019 about his next game. Theme song by Joe Marston

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Episode 78: Voodoo Bedeviled
Jan 22, 2020

The Crescent City and Charity, Maine collide in a special jazz, smoke, and spirit filled episode of Pod of Love. We base the core of this episode off of the game "Reunited and It Feels..." by Jeff Stormer. Theme song by Joe Marston.

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Episode 77: That's a Rap
Jan 15, 2020

We rap up the Ben and Tucker story with their final destiny, and the many secrets are finally revealed. If you think this one doesn't have story, YOU ARE WRONG. Listen to see what happens to Ben and Tucker and their 20 year relationship in our biggest Fog of Love story yet. Theme song by Joe Marston.

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Episode 76: Twenty Year Anniversary
Jan 08, 2020

Celebrate twenty years of Ben and Tucker's Ice Cream in Charity, Maine, and twenty years of their relationship. After all these years, will they stay together? Listen as they handle tragedy, and explore the nature of who they are both apart and together. This is the second to last episode in the Ben and Tucker story. Also, if you're looking for great deals on that ice cream, check your local Penny Pincher! Theme song by Joe Marston.

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The 12 Things at Christmas I Love in Charity
Dec 25, 2019

Merry Christmas from Pod of Love and Charity, Maine! This 2019 Christmas special was written, produced, and edited by Shawn and acted by the cast of Pod of Love.

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Episode 75: Code Violations
Dec 18, 2019

Bonjour! Oh wait, we don't say bonjour. In this week's episode, Ben and Mel lock Shawn in the basement, Ben and Tucker experience some hope and change in the year 2008, and its the grand reopening of Sean's Food n Stuff! This is part three of the Ben adn Tucker storyline. Next we'll have a little something something for Christmas, and we'll be back in two weeks with more Ben and Tucker. Theme song by Joe Marston. Music by Jakob Ahlbom, Wellmess, and Mike Durek.

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Episode 74: The Grand Opening of Ben and Tucker's
Dec 11, 2019

It's time for the grand opening of Ben and Tucker's in downtown Charity, ME, and business is booming. But can their personal lives hold up as they go into business together? Join us for the emotional rollercoaster of this story arc that spans decades. Theme song by Joe Marston. Additional music by Jakob Ahlbom, Wellmess, Johan Glossner, Christian Andersen, and Harper Rey.

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