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Ben and Mel play "Fog of Love" and answer your relationship questions
Episode 46: Valentine's Nightmare

Feb 14, 2019

It's our 2019 Valentine's Day Special and we play Fog of Love in nightmare mode! That's right, it's Ben and Mel playing Ben and Mel but as high school sweethearts. Will their relationship end in tragedy or have the same love they find in real life? In this V-day special we drink great beer, give you some ghost news, and answer your advice questions. Email us your questions at Theme song by Joe Marston. Also featuring "Love Conquers" by Scott Buckley.
Episode 45: Pasion de las Pasiones LIVE from the HEADStrong Comedy Festival

Feb 07, 2019

We come to you LIVE from the Everything is Awesome HEADStrong Comedy Festival at Thirsty Dice in Philadelphia. Ben and Mel are joined by Chris of Refugees of Esmerelda and Diana of Heart Points for a very special game of Pasion de las Pasiones. Take an alpaca ride with us into a telenovela RPG Powered by the Apocalype. Thanks to Kevin of Everything is Awesome, our guests, and Thirsty Dice in Philadelphia for hosting us!

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Episode 44: Reunited and It Feels So Jeff

Jan 31, 2019

We're back and we're actually playing a game together! Ben and Mel play the game "Reunited and it Feels So..." by Jeff Stormer. We discuss programming notes, talk about Blaine sausage, and get sued only once.
Episode 43: The Episode that Isn't an Episode

Jan 24, 2019

Mel and Ben are in Las Vegas! But our love is so strong that it reached out through time and cyberspace to share this episode with you. We'll be back soon with more actual play games. In the meantime, you should check out our patreon at

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