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    1/6/2019 12:53 PM
    Posted by: Joshua

    Let's talk about Episode 43: New Years News

    1/7/2019 4:58 PM
    Posted by: DoctorBlackhat

    Speaking of choose your own adventure games have you checked out "Bandersnatch" on Netflix which is a choose your own adventure film under the "Black Mirror" family. I'd love to know your thoughts on the film if you did.

    1/14/2019 4:23 PM
    Posted by: Joshua

    I actually haven't seen it yet! I'll have to check it out this weekend!

    1/14/2019 8:22 PM
    Posted by: DoctorBlackhat

    I think you would really like it Josh because it brings up a lot of questions about control and free will. It also blurs the line between a game and a film. I think it would fit right in with the topics you discuss on NAA. 

    2/5/2019 1:13 PM
    Posted by: Joshua

    I'm looking forward to watching it when I get a chance.


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