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    6/14/2019 6:17 AM
    Posted by: Joshua

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    9/4/2019 5:57 AM
    Posted by: CaylusCrusader

    I don't know if you figured this out, but there is something for Pokémon exactly as you described. It is called the PokéBank. It's $5 a year. It came out with Sun and Moon but allows you to easily transfer Pokémon from X/Y gen and up to the cloud basically. There are a few tricks to get older Pokémon on there. In addition to the other things (graphics, moves) that's what people are complaining about with Sword and Shield. That they won't be able to use their level 100 perfect IV and EV Greninja to play the end game. As the idea is you only get access to the PokéBank in the end game.

    There are some interesting things when moving Pokémon to the PokéBank. Like impossible Pokémon get "fixed". Some evolutions get reverted. No items. There's also events where if you transfer Pokémon during a period of time it will get a special move it normally couldn't have.

    The other thing you mention about editing Pokémon, they will never allow, because that defeats the spirit of the game. You may know this but every Pokémon has an IV (Individual Value) for each stat that ranges from 0 to 31. This is basically an extra boost that stat will get over the course of the Pokémon's leveling. So instead of a normal 100 Strength at level 100 it might get 116 with a perfect 31 IV in that stat. You can selective breed Pokémon for perfect (really hard) or almost perfect (5 out of 6 is easier because dump stats exist) IVs. People do this.

    But also with breeding you are looking for the correct Nature which boosts stats, then leveling them correctly. During leveling EVs (Effort Values) add to stats as well. A Pokémon can only 510 EVs across all stats but only a max of 252 per stat. Maxing EVs in a stat will give you about 63 extra stat points (way more than IVs). The way to max specific stat EVs is to fight the correct monsters and do training with your Pokémon.

    So in the Pro scene (yes this exist) it is important to have perfect Pokémon for your team. Some people take the hard way (as noted above) but some (the claim is everybody at the top does) use editors. And as long as that Pokémon could have those moves there is no way to tell if it has been cloned or edited because the any tag. is a great resource for competitive play. They even have an emulator that lets you build the Pokémon you want and fight against others!


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