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    3/30/2019 5:19 AM
    Posted by: Joshua

    Let's talk about Episode 55: Shadows Die So Many Times

    8/18/2019 8:25 PM
    Posted by: CaylusCrusader

    This right here is why you should listen to this podcast. Poignant amazing discussion. You killed it and me. This episode rivals some of the better ones back in the day.

    I've been going through the archives and am still a bit behind. But, I'm glad I am. Very good stuff you three!

    Regarding restorative justice in regards to the Bible and Christianity; does the Bible prescribe this kind of justice? And if Jesus's burden is light (Matt 11:30) why is restorative justice a heavy burden, as Josh points out?

    Obviously the theme of the Bible is God's restorative justice. And if we are to be like Christ then we are to love. So when we hurt, we should love. So I think the Bible does imply we commit to that.

    I think restorative justice is heavy. The link being sin making it heavy. The culmination of God's restorative justice was all sin was placed on Jesus and that WAS a burden but not our burden to bear.

    Alternatively, maybe the concept is light but because we don't have practice, we consider it a burden. Just as if we don't practice the virtues they become harder to do.


    8/19/2019 8:10 AM
    Posted by: Joshua

    I think restorative justice is so difficult because of our addiction to revenge and holding on to our feelings of being wronged or victimized. We feel weak if we are willing to be restored to someone who hurt us.

    I think the answer as to whether the Bible prescribes this kind of justice is a complex one. It certainly seems that Jesus does.


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